How to find a Warehouse for rent Vietnam |Industrial Savills How to find a Warehouse for rent Vietnam |Industrial Savills

Industrial real estate and warehouse for rent Vietnam are in high demand; including the industrial and logistics real estate segments are expanding. To adapt to the new normal, firms and manufacturers must adjust to changing circumstances and look for a warehouse for rent Vietnam

As business grows, you may require a location to create or store products and inventories. The following article will assist you in gaining a better vision of the various types of warehouses available for rent in Vietnam and how to find a warehouse for rent in Vietnam.

Warehouse Rental Price

Savills experts predicted that warehouse demand in Vietnam will continue to grow in the future as a result of improved industrial sectors and increased consumer spending. As a result, warehouse leasing rates projected to grow by 1.5-4 percent each year in the future years.  

To be more precise, analysts predicted that the warehouse market in the northern area would cluster on Hanoi and coastal provinces, including Haiphong. These were the region’s most populous locations, offering prospective consumers and an abundance of people resources.  

The southern province had a developed expressway system, river ports, seaports, and international airports. With a favourable location near a supply chain or a logistic center, the southern area has long been a market leader in terms of industrial growth in Vietnam.

Factors Influencing the Cost of  Warehouse for Rent Vietnam

  • Location of the Warehouse

The cost of renting a warehouse in Vietnam is lower in the urban region than the warehouse in the city center. The price of a warehouse for rent near HCMC is always exceedingly high, especially in the city center. The urban areas are usually densely populated. 

The warehouse should not be located in an industrial park or downtown. The best warehouse is one that aligns with the company’s goals. It could be close to the source of the materials. Essentially, the warehouse must verify the requirements and utilities utilized for each industrial business. A competent and high-quality warehouse in Vietnam will always be expensive.

  • The Warehouse Quality

The most significant indicators of warehouse quality are the views of customers who interact with the warehouse and consignees who receive goods from the warehouse. A well-maintained warehouse will keep workers safe. The heavy machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process cause a lot of vibration. If the warehouse is of poor quality, it will deteriorate soon. The factory will be constructed with sufficient ventilation to create a comfortable working environment for staff.

  • The Legal and Administrative  Aspect of warehouse for rent Vietnam

When renting a warehouse, the providers almost provide preferred after-sales services. After-sales services include legal and administrative procedures, as well as other services at reduced rates. It is difficult to find a property on which to develop factories due to legal procedures or places that are not in the enterprise market. 

Furthermore, when the land fund for establishing industries becomes increasingly limited, the land price rises dramatically. The company’s approach is to purchase pre-built warehouses. However, only a few thousand square meters of factory space is available, making it unsuitable for medium-sized businesses or those looking to expand.

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How to find a Warehouse for rent Vietnam

Renting a warehouse is a viable option in an economic situation where there is inadequate stability to purchase assets and businesses are starving for working capital. 

  • Find An Industrial Real Estate Agency

In the factory rental service, there are also people who specialize in brokerage services. Industrial real estate agencies in Vietnam are the ones who connect businesses that need to rent factories with lessors. When you find a reliable industrial real estate agency in Vietnam, you don’t have to waste time looking for a factory. 

The industrial real estate agencies in Vietnam will actively bring information to your business. Through industrial real estate agencies in Vietnam, businesses will know specifically about prices, deposits, and procedures. At the same time, contract agreements and many related issues between the two parties.

Understanding customers’ requirements and concerns about how to find a warehouse for rent in Vietnam, Savills Industrial strives to ensure that all stakeholders in transactions are happy.

  •  Looking for a Professional Factory Rental Unit

There are already several units offering industrial warehouse rental services to satisfy the demands of enterprises in a variety of industries. Business owners do a study of client feedback regarding their use of these units’ services. 

Businesses can work directly with these units to choose which warehouse is the most suitable. Investors should rely on the warehouse rental unit’s name and reputation to establish its reliability. Analyzing client feedback on warehouse rental unit services enables organizations to make evaluations and selections.

  • Meet the Industrial Real Estate Industry’s Leading Team in Vietnam

Today, Savills Industrial is a market leader in industrial real estate, providing factory rental services. Savills Industrial remained committed to delivering a credible factory leasing service, ensuring that it met all of the industry’s standards for a decent factory, including an operating site, competent staff, and a corporate culture focused on sustainable development. Savills Industrial is a specialist professional service firm in industrial real estate and investment management. 

Recognizing the need in Vietnam for industrial services, we formed the Industrial & Logistic department to provide complete logistics and multi-let industrial services. If you are interested in renting a factory for manufacturing or business needs, call Mr. John Campbell from Savills Industrial will help businesses find the right warehouse for rent Vietnam.