Benefits of choosing warehouse service providers in Vietnam Benefits of choosing warehouse service providers in Vietnam

We will take a closer look at the benefits of renting a warehouse and why you should choose Savills Industrial—one of the best warehouse service providers in this post.

The importance of warehouses in the current situation

Warehousing is essential for supply chains or logistics services. It can assist in maintaining the product flow uninterrupted. Many different aspects can easily disrupt the supply chain. This can cause delays in the last deliveries and problems with customer service. Delays are less likely when you choose the right warehouse in your supply chain.

There are four reasons why warehousing is very important for any business:

Picking efficiency has increased

Picking, a critical activity in your supply chain, must be highly efficient. This activity must be completed correctly or the incorrect items will be delivered to customers. This can harm brands and annoy your customers.

To ensure efficient picking, it needs to have the proper warehousing setup. You’ll have far less to worry about if you have excellent warehousing.

On-time delivery

You can optimize the shipping process and get your packages to customers faster and easier with the appropriate warehousing. It is much easier to deliver quickly when your products can be easily stocked, picked, and packaged in a warehouse.

Improved risk assessment

Warehousing improves risk management by safeguarding your firm from market price movements. When demand from suppliers falls along the supply chain, the warehouse can keep items. Furthermore, the majority of the products in the warehouse are protected.

Accountability for inventory

The warehouse allows for effective inventory management and a high level of responsibility. Inventory control allows you to access data in real-time, which helps the supply chain work smoothly.

Inventory control assists in matching supply with demand in a supply chain management system. It improves your customer experience because everything in the warehouse is up to standard.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Warehouses

While purchasing may appear to be the superior option, renting a warehouse space can provide numerous advantages that purchasing cannot.

Finding a warehouse space to rent is generally easier than finding a building to buy. With more options for renting company space, you have a higher chance of finding the ideal industrial warehouse space for your needs. Furthermore, obtaining a business lease frequently takes less time than purchasing, allowing you to begin using your new facility sooner.

Furthermore, the initial outlays of leasing are often minimal. These costs will be much lower than the cost of purchasing a business building. As a result, the money you save could be put toward the expansion of your firm.

Another advantage of renting a warehouse space is that you have fewer duties when it comes to property maintenance. Warehouse service providers in Vietnam will restore and clean the facilities before your company relocates to its new location.

Once your business expands, you may find that you need to relocate. Renters, on the other hand, are not trapped in property ownership, permitting you to leave once your lease expires. As a result, business owners might migrate to different places that may be more helpful to the company. It is far more convenient to relocate after a lease expires than to attempt to sell the property.

Why choose Savills Industrials — The Best Warehouse Service Provider in Vietnam?

The best warehouse service provider in Vietnam

The best warehouse service provider in Vietnam


Savills Industrials is proud to be the best warehouse service provider in Vietnam, with a wide range of locations across the country.

We have variable-sized warehouses in both the northern and southern areas.

It is perfect for all commodities departing or entering different places. It can also be used as a supply base for all of our customers in Vietnam.


It is a software program that supports warehouse management. It has the ability to optimize storage operations and processes, as well as manage and control product flows in the warehouse. It takes into account the inventory, treatment, packing, and shipment, as well as the warehouse audit.

Our modern technology allows us to be the most reliable warehouse provider in Vietnam and efficiently manage your inventory and avoid the transportation of any unnecessary goods. As a result, your stock is optimized, and all risks are significantly minimized.

Human resources

Savills Vietnam developed a full-service industrial real estate solution in 2017 in response to a strong increase in industrial park leasing in Southeast Asia.

Industrial real estate services are provided by industry specialists with extensive market knowledge and skills. Our services include market entry, investment, evaluation, transactions, and disposal. We are proud to be the market leader in Vietnam, and our best-in-class advisory services help people, businesses, and institutions make smarter real estate decisions.

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Available warehouses for lease from Savills

Ready-Built Factory for Sale in Phu Tho

– Location: Tam Nong, Phu Tho

– Total area: 5.5 ha

– Vacant area: 5.5 ha

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ It is situated near the confluence of the Red and Da rivers, close to National Road 32A.

+ With a lease period of 2055, the pricing is competitive.

+ Encouraging management board

+ Fully functional regions

Ready built factory for sale in Phu Tho

Ready built factory for sale in Phu Tho

Industrial Land for Sale in Ha Noi

– Location: Thanh Tri District, Ha Noi City

– Total area: 3.75ha

– Vacant area: 3.75ha

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Excellent location for a variety of businesses.

+ Accessibility for all

+ Functional road system

+ A clear transfer agreement structure.

Industrial land for sale in Hanoi

Industrial land for sale in Hanoi

High Quality Factory for Rent in Da Nang

– Location: Lien Chieu, Da Nang City

– Total area: 5,300m²

– Vacant area: 4,000m²

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Connection that is convenient

+ Dependable investors

+ Government initiatives that are beneficial

+ Increase the number of high-tech industries.

High-quality factory for rent in DaNang

High-quality factory for rent in DaNang


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There are numerous considerations when choosing a warehouse service provider in Vietnam. Your organization must balance the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative to determine which is best for your company. Whatever you select, Savills can help you achieve your warehousing demands.

Our team of professionals can assist you with everything from developing customized, dedicated facilities to leasing space in a public warehouse. Savills has many warehouse spaces in Vietnam, and that number is constantly expanding. If you need assistance evaluating the optimum fit for your supply chain, please contact one of our specialists. Savills can provide services at one of our existing sites or in a new expanding market.