Explore Leasing Opportunities for Ready-Built Factories Explore Leasing Opportunities for Ready-Built Factories

Ready-built factories (RBFs) are increasingly popular with businesses looking to establish themselves in Viet Nam. These properties support dynamic industrial business operations and minimise time and resource challenges. Finding a ready-built factory that satisfies business operational needs supports efficiency and business success.

Ready-Built Factories – The Advantages

Ready-built factories for lease serve diverse manufacturing businesses and offer a variety of sizes, amenities, and services. Ready-built factories support the production, storage, and distribution of goods, helping to optimise productivity and save time and resources.

Save time and resources

According to John Campbell, manufacturers keen on Viet Nam used to have to sign significant land leases of up to 50 years with significant upfront CAPEX to build their production and warehouse facilities. This would require lengthy legal and construction processes. These significant time and resource commitments deterred manufacturers looking to explore Viet Nam’s industrial market.

However, ready-built factories in Viet Nam remove these barriers. Occupiers can sign short leases that align with their business needs and are ensured speed to market as many of these properties are plug and play. Additionally, ready-built developers often offer support services, which means occupiers can focus on production and operations almost immediately.

Nhà xưởng xây sẵn cho thuê giải pháp tối ưu bài toán về chi phí

Ready-built factories for lease


Size flexibility

Ready-built industrial properties deliver flexibility and convenience. Expanding or downsizing come with fewer related costs.

Manufacturing stability

There are multiple aspects to stability with ready-built industrial properties, including development quality and operational stability.

In terms of development, ready-built factories are often constructed by experienced developers, ensuring high quality and safety. These properties are also connected to utilities like water, electricity, firefighting systems, and waste treatment facilities.

For occupiers, rent is structured, which supports efficient cash flow planning.

Well-developed infrastructure and amenities

Ready-built factories are often within industrial parks with completed infrastructure, convenient transportation systems, telecommunications, and public services. Most ensure an uninterrupted water supply and stable electricity connection. Increasingly, industrial parks in Viet Nam offer support services and green spaces.

Ready-built factories also come with rolling doors, anti-static carpets, ventilation, security and protection systems are also fully equipped for immediate use.

Where to find Ready-Built Factories ?

Currently, there are many channels for you to search for ready-built factories for lease, such as:

The Internet: Look at different websites, social groups, online forums about buying and selling industrial real estate, and real estate websites to search for ready-built factories for lease.

Contact a broker: Industrial real estate brokers have information about ready-built factories in the area you are interested in. Brokers and industrial real estate consultants also support sourcing, negotiations, and legal processes.

Explore Leasing Opportunities for Modern Ready-Built Factories

How to find factories for lease in industrial parks?


Get references: Contacting business partners, relatives, or friends can help you find ready-built factories or get information from a reliable source.

Visit an industrial park: visiting an industrial park or the region you are interested in can help you discover opportunities that cannot be found online.

Contact industrial real estate agencies: Find a reputable business specialising in industrial real estate. Industrial real estate experts often deliver end-to-end leasing services for occupiers looking for ready-built properties.

Savills Industrial Services delivers a full range of services for businesses looking for ready-built factories and industrial real estate for lease. With reputable consultants like John Campbell or Thomas Rooney, occupiers can rest assured that they will find the right property that aligns with their business strategy, manufacturing needs, and budget requirements.

Explore our portfolio of ready-built factories for lease:

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Savills Industrial Services

Savills Industrial is one of Viet Nam’s leading industrial real estate consultancy agencies with an extensive and credible network, years of local expertise, international reach, and data-backed support. Clients include MNCs, such as Coca Cola, Shopee, FUCHS, and Framas.

Savills offers a diverse portfolio of ready-built factories for lease across Viet Nam. The diverse unit sizes, areas, services, and amenities speak to broad business needs.

Savills Industrial chuyên cung cấp giải pháp cho thuê nhà xưởng xây sẵn khắp các tỉnh thành

Savills Industrial provides industrial leasing solutions for ready-built factories across Viet Nam


Savills experts are skilled in industrial tenant representation, which ensures our clients benefit from favourable terms. Industrial occupiers can rest easy knowing that all contract negotiations, legal matters, and inspections are conducted according to budget and schedule.

With a team of experts, Savills Industrial offers a full range of services, including consultation, rent and contract negotiations, legal advisory, and on-site inspections. Leasing a ready-built factory is a smart solution for businesses wanting to develop production or commercial activities in Viet Nam. By leveraging industrial property services, you can save time, money, and resources, while ensuring legal compliance, favourable terms and operational stability and efficiency.

If you are looking for ready-built factories for lease in Viet Nam contact John Campbell on 0829.601.187 or Thomas Rooney on 0829.601.187.