Industrial Hotspot: A Deep Dive into Bac Ninh Industrial Hotspot: A Deep Dive into Bac Ninh


Bac Ninh’s Remarkable Evolution From Agriculture To Industrial Powerhouse 

Bac Ninh province spans over 800 sq km and lies at Ha Noi’s northern gateway, within the economic triangle of Ha Noi, Hai Phong, and Quang Ninh. From an agriculture province, Bac Ninh has recently emerged as an industrial powerhouse.

Bac Ninh consists of 16 Prime Minister-approved parks spanning over 6,000 hectares. Ten of those are operational, two are under construction, and four await investment. Some notable parks include Yen Phong, VSIP, Thuan Thanh, and Gia Binh.

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Bac Ninh As A Leading FDI Destination & Industrial Hub 

Bac Ninh secured the second spot for FDI attraction in Viet Nam during Q1 2024, raking in a total of US$745.2 million. This strong performance involved approving 105 brand new FDI projects and adjusting capital for 41 existing ones (Vietnam Briefing 2024).

The manufacturing sector dominated, attracting nearly $4 billion, which is almost 64% of the total FDI. Real estate followed closely with $1.6 billion, highlighting its growing importance. These figures paint a positive picture for FDI in Bac Ninh, suggesting the region’s potential for continued industrial development (Vietnam Agriculture 2024).

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How Bac Ninh Gain Success In Northern Viet Nam’s Thriving Industrial Landscape 

– Strategic Location: Part of the Ha Noi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh economic triangle in the Red River Delta, Bac Ninh boasts easy access with its proximity to Noi Bai International Airport.

– Advanced Technical Infrastructure: Streamlined infrastructure with wide roads, reliable utilities, and advanced telecoms ensures a smooth production launch for businesses.

– Supportive Business Incentive Policies: Bac Ninh’s industrial parks attract businesses with tax incentives, streamlined processes, workforce training, and more, making it an ideal location to launch or grow your business.

– Favorable Worker Service Amenities & Living Facilities: Bac Ninh’s industrial parks go beyond facilities, offering amenities like schools, hospitals, and recreation for a well-rounded work environment.

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Hotspot Bac Ninh

SLP Park, Yen Phong

  • Vacant area: 65,000 sq m
  • 60 dock levellers across 3 warehouses with ample parking space
  • Ideal for a business requiring swift goods management
  • Status: Available for lease

Hotspot Bac Ninh


Horizon Park, Yen Phong

  • Vacant area: 70,000 sq m
  • Flexible leasing options with 26 units to accommodate business growth
  • Integrates a photovoltaic installation to contribute clean energy to the local network
  • Status: Available for lease