Bonded Warehouse in Vietnam Bonded Warehouse in Vietnam

Bonded warehouses are frequently used for transferring imported and exported products. However, many people are still unsure about the rules for bringing products into bonded warehouses in Vietnam. Savills will help you understand this matter in this article.

Bonded warehouses are frequently used while transferring import and export products

Bonded warehouses are frequently used while transferring import and export products


A closer look at bonded warehouse in Vietnam

Bonded warehouses are regions of warehouses and storage yards for items that have passed through customs and are awaiting export. Goods brought from outside the country and exported or imported into Vietnam. To be separated from surrounding regions for temporary storage, preservation, or the provision of a variety of services for domestic and foreign items carried into warehouses under bonded warehouse lease contracts signed between bonded warehouse owners and shippers.

There are some notes about allowed and not allowed products to be imported to bonded warehouses.

The import and export of the following items to bonded warehouses will be permitted:

– Imported commodities are awaiting consumption in the Vietnamese market. Goods are in transit and storage in Vietnam as they await export to a third country.

– Goods have passed customs and are ready for export. When products temporarily expire, they must be re-exported. Competent governmental agencies force goods to be re-exported.

Furthermore, the following items will not be permitted to be imported into the bonded warehouse:

– Prohibited items, counterfeit items, or Vietnamese names.

– Goods that endanger the public or pollute the environment.

– The export and import of goods are prohibited, except in instances authorized by the Prime Minister.

For items imported from non-tariff zones, whether from overseas or from within the country. When bringing them into bonded warehouses, the product owners or persons authorized by the goods owners must follow bonded warehouse procedures at the Customs Sub-Departments operating bonded warehouses.

When items are exported to overseas nations or imported into non-tariff zones, the goods owner or a person authorized by the goods owner must then reveal the status of the bonded warehouse products to the Customs Sub-Department in charge of the bonded warehouse.

Why use a bonded warehouse in Vietnam?

Save money

Your company might save up to 30% on corporate tax on average.

This is achievable because you will not have to pay import duties until your merchandise leaves our warehouse. If goods are not sold, they will be returned to you and you will not be charged any duty.

Bonded warehouse can help reduce corporate tax

Bonded warehouse can help reduce corporate tax


Prevent damages

Bonded warehouses are prepared to keep a wide range of products for as long as required while retaining quality. Many bonded warehouses, for example, have dry containers, deep-freeze systems, temperature monitoring equipment, and high volume storage facilities.

Most bonded warehouses will hold your products for up to five years or longer. This can be advantageous if work is needed to meet import license requirements or if demand is lower than predicted. You can hold your items in a bonded warehouse until you meet the standards or demand increases.

Improve service for your customers

You can order items ahead of anticipated demand by utilizing bonded warehouses. Because goods are housed closer to the customer, you can deliver them faster and provide a better overall experience.

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The reason why you should choose bonded warehouse services at Savills

Savills has several advantages in becoming the premier logistics firm in Vietnam and the area, with over 20 years of expertise. Savills is constantly committed to safety, quality, and efficiency when transporting, storing, and preserving goods.

Savills is not only an industrial property company but also a bonded warehouse solution provider, contributing to improving operational efficiency in the context of current complex needs. We are providing leading logistics services to a lot of companies who want to expand in the Vietnam market.

Savills has variable-bond warehouses in Vietnam.

Bonded Warehouse for Lease in Quang Ninh


Bonded Warehouse for lease in Quang Ninh

– Total area: 145,000m²

– Vacant area: 85,750m²

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Regular and bonded warehouses are available

+ Favorable location for trade logistics

+ The developer has 20 years of experience in operating logistics systems. It is one of the largest enterprises in Vietnam.

+ Synchronous infrastructure includes electricity, water supply and drainage, communication systems, fire protection, water and waste treatment, etc.

Apart from bonded warehouses in Vietnam, we also provide high-quality warehouses across Vietnam.

Warehouse for lease in Hanoi

Warehouse for lease in Hanoi

Warehouse for lease in Hanoi


– Location: Long Bien, Hanoi

– Total area: 8,900 m2

– Vacant area: 4,400 m2

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Access to the main road, easy to commute

+ High-quality facilities: fire prevention system; heat insulation roofing; reinforced concrete flooring; rolling doors etc.

+ Referable tax incentives

Warehouse for rent in Hai Phong

Warehouse for Rent in Hai Phong

Warehouse for Rent in Hai Phong


– Location: Hai An District, Hai Phong City

– Total area: 126,000 m2

– Vacant area: 70,388 m2

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Nearby airports, seaports, and highways.

+ International-standards infrastructure system

+ Fully licensed, constructional, technical, and administrative services,…

+ Skilled workforce

Warehouse for rent in Bac Ninh

Warehouse for rent in Bac Ninh

Warehouse for rent in Bac Ninh


– Location: Tu Son, Bac Ninh

– Total area: 278,000 m2

– Vacant area: 54,000 m2

– Price: Contact

– Key features:

+ Strategic location: Takes only 40 minutes to reach Ha Noi and 2 hours to reach Hai Phong’s port.

+ High-quality industrial production

+ Modern warehouse facilities: micrologistics warehouse management systems.

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Savills Industrials, which provides bonded warehouses in Vietnam, has risen to the top of the industrial real estate market. Savills Industrial remained dedicated to offering a dependable industrial property leasing service, ensuring that it met all of the industry’s standards for a reputable factory, such as an operable site, competent staff, and a corporate culture centered on long-term growth. Mr. John Campbell can help businesses find the ideal bonded warehouse in Vietnam if they are looking to hire a factory for manufacturing or commercial purposes.