Expanding business with large warehouse Southeast Asia Expanding business with large warehouse Southeast Asia

As the number of firms in Southeast Asia grows, so does the demand for large warehouses, particularly in the growing logistics industry. Large warehouse Southeast Asia is crucial and valuable since it enables a company to operate and grow efficiently.

The first factor to consider is location, which is determined by your company’s needs, such as money and accessibility. Then, in order to successfully establish a large warehouse Southeast Asia and adhere to local rules, you must first determine what standards you must meet. In particular, to create a large warehouse in Vietnam, the essential operational procedures must be followed: the legal procedure.

These are all legal documents that businesses must have. This document contains the following sections: IRC and ERC; tax code registration, stamp, and certification. In this regard, IRC and ERC are critical for businesses.

IRC means investment registration certificate. All businesses that rent out warehouses, factories, or both must be IRC-registered.

ERC is a registration certificate for the formation of a business or a branch of a corporation. ERC is necessary for ready-built warehouses owned or rented by businesses.

Finally, in order to begin the huge warehouse operation, businesses must register for a tax code.

Following that, the company will create a stamp and stamp sample certification. This process helps to identify the company’s legal presence and specificity in the marketplace.

The Trend of Renting Large Warehouse Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is the new logistics center of the world, attracting a lot of investors. The feature that makes a lot of capital poured into this area is the outstanding growth of e-commerce, people and consumer behavior. However, the limitation of Southeast Asia is that it has not yet applied modern technologies in operation. Therefore it is necessary to fix this problem as soon as possible.

A good news is that numerous logistics and delivery organizations in Southeast Asia are looking for warehouse management solutions in order to speed up procedures and depend less on manual tasks.


AI will be on the list of major trends for 2022 in most industry segments, and it will play a role in warehouse and supply chain management as well. It is a technology that is advancing, and with that advancement comes increased effect and familiarity.

AI and machine learning can aid with data analysis and decision-making in warehouse operation, while also optimizing processes and operational efficiency.

The Application of Robotics

Robotic automation has been steadily rising in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue through 2022 as businesses attempt to increase production while addressing warehouse and supply chain issues.

We will witness a shift away from fixed automation systems and toward smaller mobility robots in particular. Cobots will become more ubiquitous in warehousing and distribution operations, as will 5G connectivity and machine vision systems.

Big Data

Another issue on this list is not limited to warehouse or supply chain management, but its significance cannot be overstated. Data is becoming more important as organizations enhance data gathering, storage, and processing. This results in the generation of important data that can be swiftly digested in visually appealing data visualizations.

Access to data also enables warehousing and supply chain operations to begin employing predictive analytics.

Developing Long-Term Operations

Warehousing management is progressively implementing technology and techniques to improve their sustainability. Sustainability will be a popular topic for some time to come, from integrating electric vehicles into warehouses to reducing the environmental footprint of supply networks.

Therefore, to optimize the operation of large warehouse Southeast Asia, companies should choose to leasing options from Savills – one of the biggest warehouse providers in the world.

Benefits of renting large warehouse Southeast Asia from Savills

Renting Large warehouse in Southeast Asia from Savills

Renting Large warehouse Southeast Asia from Savills


According to experts at an online conference in Ho Chi Minh City on April 20, Vietnam might become the second largest digital economy in Southeast Asia by 2025, and the country’s e-commerce market would attract more large-scale firms. Savills is proud to be the most reliable warehouse service provider in Vietnam.

Support legal procedure

When choosing Savills large warehouse for rent in Vietnam, businesses will receive first legal assistance. Documents include: IRC and ERC, tax code registration and stamp creation, and firm stamp certification.

This company, in particular, assists businesses in carrying out the initial tax declaration procedure, as well as in establishing grassroots-level trade unions. The organization also ensures that enterprises begin manufacturing on time.

Customize business services

We assist Vietnamese businesses in selecting the best solutions by thoroughly knowing their company objectives and then achieving them through our efficient techniques. Local and multinational firms in the country rely on our expertise to assess their present business situation and provide relevant recommendations and solutions.

Support your long-term success

Savills is more than just a one-time consulting firm. We want to be your long-term one-stop shop. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals, accountants, market research experts, and consultants creates customized solutions for each stage of your success.

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Different choices of Savills’ large warehouse in Vietnam

Green Park Vinh Phuc – Outstanding Industrial Property for Lease

– LocationBinh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province

– Total area295 ha

– Vacant areaTBC ha

– PriceContact

– Key features:

+ Convenient transportation links

+ Green & Smart Technology

+ Attractive incentives

+ Tech-driven platform

+ “One-stop” services

+ Abundant labour force

Green Park Vinh Phuc Excellent Industrial Land for lease

Green Park Vinh Phuc – Excellent Industrial Land for lease

High-quality factory for rent in Hai Phong

– LocationHai An District, Hai Phong City

– Total area106,000 m2

– Vacant area59,778 m2

– PriceContact

– Key features:

+ Cat Bi International Airport, Hai Phong Seaport, and motorways are all nearby. This cuts transit time and expenses.

+ Tax incentives

+ Supportive investors

+ Comprehensive infrastructure

Hai Phong - Excellent Industrial Land for Lease

Hai Phong – Excellent Industrial Land for Lease

Industrial Land for Lease in Long An

– LocationLong An, Vietnam

– Total area119 ha

– Vacant area78 ha

– PriceContact

– Key features:

+ Investment tax incentives

+ Strategic location

+ Supportive developers: legal services, HR process,…

+ Completed infrastructure

Industrial Land for lease in Long An

Industrial Land for lease in Long An


In addition to the above mentioned industrial zones. We also have a lot of quality warehouses, factories, industrial land to meet all the needs of businesses!

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Large warehouses in Southeast Asia are always appealing to both domestic and foreign investors. Because they are valued not only for their quality but also for the support services they provide.

One of the leading industrial real estate offices, Savills Industrials Vietnam, offers personalized lease and investment advice to occupiers, developers, and investors. Savills Industrials strives to offer trustworthy guidance, financial aid, and industrial consulting services. If you have any questions about the cost of industrial leasing in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact Savills. If you require skilled industrial real estate purchasing, selling, and leasing services, please contact Mr. John Campbell right away!