Factory Rent in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide (2023) Factory Rent in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Vietnam’s industrial real estate market is experiencing a remarkable surge, with factory rental rates steadily climbing. This surge can be attributed to various factors, including Vietnam’s strategic geographical location, cost-effective labor force, and supportive government policies. This article serves as a thorough exploration of Vietnam’s factory rental landscape, offering insights into the driving forces behind rental rates, the latest market trends, and the advantages of opting for factory rentals in Vietnam.

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Latest Trends in Vietnam’s Factory Rental Market

Vietnam’s factory rental rates have experienced a consistent upward trajectory in recent years, influenced by several key factors:

  1. Strong Demand for Industrial Space: The Vietnamese economy is thriving, and the manufacturing sector is witnessing robust growth. This surge in economic activity has spurred an increased demand for industrial space, consequently driving up rental rates.
  2. Limited Supply of Industrial Land: Vietnam faces constraints when it comes to the availability of land suitable for industrial development. This scarcity of suitable land has contributed significantly to the escalation of factory rental rates.
  3. Growing Foreign Investment: Foreign investment in Vietnam’s industrial sector has surged in recent years. Multiple factors have fueled this increase, including Vietnam’s strategic location in Southeast Asia, its cost-effective labor force, and favorable government policies. The influx of foreign capital has further amplified the demand for factory spaces, exerting upward pressure on rental costs.
  4. Government Support for the Industrial Sector: The Vietnamese government has demonstrated strong support for the industrial sector through the implementation of various policies aimed at attracting foreign investments and promoting domestic manufacturing. Incentives such as tax breaks and land subsidies have bolstered investor confidence and contributed to the overall rise in factory rents.

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Warehouse for Lease in Vietnam

As a result of the country’s continued industrialization and the shrinking land area in some areas, the price is high and the factory rental service has increased. Additionally, industrialized countries with factories in Vietnam, such as Korea, Japan, and China, actively promote FDI investment funds in the country’s provinces and cities to increase the attractiveness of the real estate industry. 

The economic advantage has enabled industrial production activities in industrial parks throughout the country to continue growing in response to market demands and preferences. Companies and organizations specializing in factory leasing have emerged, offering the best services to the market, and demand for factory rentals has also increased in recent years. 

Factors that make factory rent in Vietnam appealing to international investors

Renting the right factory rent in Vietnam to serve production and business activities is a vital need of today’s businesses. However, renting a suitable factory plays an even more important role because it brings several great benefits to the operation and development. The following are some of the advantages of renting the right factory in Vietnam.

– Location Benefits

Vietnam is a desirable location because of its human resource advantages, varied free trade agreements, and government pledges to infrastructure development. If the epidemic is quickly contained, Vietnam will profit from improvements in the global supply chain.

The trend in the North is that investors are supporting the development of a complex industrial real estate model, with the Korean LH Group usually stating their willingness to invest in industrial, urban, and service projects. The IDICO business is anticipated to invest in the Vinh Quang urban service industrial park with an area of 495ha in Hai Phong, with a size of 304ha and a total investment of approximately 500 million USD.

In the South, due to the effect of the epidemic, the market recorded a number of manufacturing companies that had to transfer orders from Vietnam to react to the situation in the third quarter of 2021, in addition to the number of newly registered FDI projects exhibiting a declining trend. However, the order movement is just transitory, and no FDI firms have yet to leave Vietnam.

– Full Legal Support Benefits 

There will be full legal support so the business can operate and take responsibility for arising problems. The contract is a vital factor that businesses need to pay attention to when renting a factory. It will ensure the interests of both parties, the terms and regulations built into the contract based on the provisions of the law.

You need the help of a dedicated team of professionals that specializes in industrial real estate that can help to analyze and help you get a better understanding of all legal procedures and consider various options before deciding to invest. 

– Market Value of Factory Rent in Vietnam

The cost of renting a factory in Vietnam is often the first consideration for clients looking to rent a factory. The cost of renting a factory influenced by several factors, including geography, the state of the factory, its investment possibilities, and the surrounding environment.

According to the latest report on the southern industrial real estate market in the second quarter of 2021, the total area of average price peaked in the industrial rental segment, reaching $113/m2/lease cycle, up 7.1% over the same period last year. 

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two of the major cities in the world with the most affordable industrial real estate. The rental rate in Hanoi exceeds five dollars per foot. Rent in HCMC is less than ten dollars per square foot (0.092 m2).

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Our staff of Savills Industrial specialists and the surrounding area enables us to constantly monitor and follow activities in local, regional, and national markets. Hopefully, the information provided above will be beneficial and assist readers in better comprehending the topic of factory rent in Vietnam

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