Vietnam market brief H2/2019 | Industrial Savills Vietnam market brief H2/2019 | Industrial Savills

In 2019, Vietnam’s impressive macroeconomic indicators supported the strong performance of the real estate market.

GDP growth was 7.02%, above the 2019 government target of 6.6% to 6.8% and similar to 2018 (7.08%). CPI was well controlled at 2.79%, under the 2019 target and the lowest in the last three years. Retail sales were US$163 billion, up 13% YoY – the highest in five years.

Total registered FDI capital was US$38 billion, up 7% YoY; in which, newly registered FDI provided capital of US$16.7 billion from 3,883 projects. By country, Korea led newly registered FDI (22%), followed by Hong Kong (17%) and China (14%). FDI disbursement was over US$20 billion, up 7% YoY.

International arrivals to Vietnam increased 16% YoY to 18 million. – Savills Vietnam

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