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The state of the economy has been steadily improving, with the resurgence of global markets in multiple industries and the industrial real estate industry. Savills Industrial – Vietnam’s Leading Industrial Real Estate Agency provides assistance to industrial investors who wish to diversify their regional portfolio, extend present operations, dispose or purchase facilities, lease an industrial asset strategically, or join the market for the first time.

As one of the few exceptions that have not been significantly impacted by the global epidemic, more opportunities will be available in the industrial sector in the future when external and internal travel restrictions are lifted. Read on to learn more about what we do best at Savills Industrial for those contemplating entering the market or diversifying or expanding their activities.

Landlord Advisory

A landlord is a person, company, or other organization that owns real estate and rents or leases it to another person in exchange for rent. A renter or leaseholder is the person who rents the property. During the rental time, the landlord normally provides the required maintenance or repairs, while the tenant is responsible for the cleaning and general care of the property.

Landlords invest in real estate to earn capital. The financial advantages of being a landlord include a consistent source of monthly tenant income as well as ownership of real estate property with the potential to rise in value. 

Savills Industrials Landlord Advisory service offers landlords and developers, at each level of development, project marketing is possible. These Industrial Real Estate Services may provide sales or lease advice from the beginning stages of a project until its completion and entry into service.

Marketing recommendations are influenced by research and analysis. Industrial Real Estate Services at Savills concentrates on local, regional, and global research that yields high-quality data and reliable market analysis.

Tenant Representation

Tenant representatives do exactly what the name implies: they manage the tenant side of industrial real estate transactions. A tenant representative, also known as a tenant adviser or corporate services representative, helps companies and organizations with all aspects of the leasing process, from initial requirements assessment and site selection through occupancy, lease expiration, and beyond.

Finding the proper Industrial Real Estate Services is difficult, Savills Industrials Tenant Representatives will formulate transaction techniques that are methodical in nature and prevent costly hazards while providing meaningful benefits. By providing manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce tenants with advice on on-site searches and evaluations of Vietnam’s industrial parks

Understand real estate legislation and contractual processes to provide advice on lease renewals and rent reviews. Provide creative business and logistical solutions to assist renters in determining their ideal space needs and delivering the best-fit solutions. Savills Industrial Real Estate Services’ goal is to make completely informed decisions before entering into a leasing agreement. Services for space purchase and leasing analysis of the costs of relocation or renewal. Take a peek at our success stories to understand how we will address one’s real estate requirements.

Market Research

Gaining a competitive edge requires a thorough grasp of the target audience, competition, and the market. To maximize success, Industrial Real Estate Services of Savills offers granular and macro research to ensure that all factors are measured, providing detailed research to ensure that all market factors are measured for initiatives to have the best chance of success.

Savills Quarterly Market Reports (QMR), Specific Market Studies (SMA), Concept Development Recommendations (CDR), Market Surveys, and Ad Hoc Consulting give real-time insight into the property market as well as significant research. Considering entering the market for the first time, or diversifying or expanding your activities, turn to Savills Industrial Services Department for unmatched industry understanding and expertise.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale-leaseback (SLB) is a frequent corporate technique for purchasing real estate or industrial property and converting it into cash to finance operations. It is a kind of financial instrument in which one party (the seller/tenant) holds an asset and sells it to a second party (the investor/landlord).

Industrial Real Estate Services at Savills Industrial will help institutional investors, landlords and industrial developers, private funds, investors from other countries or Multinational Corporations (MNCs), and tenants by advising them on how to leverage their industrial assets to finance and free up money.

Analyze the values of the asset(s), recommend a monthly rental charge to ensure a satisfying ROI for the new owner/investor, and assist both parties in securing attractive lease terms following a current market practice.

Take a look at the Savills Industrials 2020Q3 White Paper for a Case Study on one of Vietnam’s extremely rare warehouse SLB transactions.

Leasing and Brokerage

In today’s market, navigating the industrial real estate sector might seem to be a tremendous task. Savills Industrial Real Estate ServicesLeasing and Brokerage offers entire end-to-end brokerage services to landlords and tenants, as well as leasing of industrial property, factories, and warehouses. By searching exact industrial space, either existing or planned; Locate the best renters for the best space with the most recent research, analysis, and lease projections from Savills’ in-house advisory teams.

Supporting regional and global industrial developers and landlords, MNCs and international occupants, manufacturing, shipping, and e-commerce players to meet their needs, whether it is leasing industrial space or investing in buy-to-let properties, Savills delivers unrivalled leasing assistance.

Investment Brokerage

An investment brokerage carries out investment transactions on a client’s behalf. Savills Industrial Real Estate Services aids institutional investors, industrial developers, private investment funds, and international investors with real estate purchases, dispositions, and investment advice for real estate and new projects.

With credible measures and methods of real estate investment advice; analysis of market trends; appraisals for purchase or disposal based on important property qualitiesWorking closely with Savills’ research and valuation teams to concentrate on possibilities in real estate “hot spots.” Using Savills Industrial Real Estate Services wide network of local and international connections to complete transactions quickly and efficiently.

Because of the length of time and number of agreements to be drafted and signed, it is recommended that both parties engage a professional industrial real estate agent to assist them with the transaction. The agent may assist in determining if the selling price is reasonable in the present market. Savills Industrial – Vietnam’s leading Industrial Real Estate Services provides a broad network of local and international contacts to help accomplish deals swiftly and effectively.